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  About The School  

What is GCCCA?

· Gordon County Schools, in partnership with Georgia Northwestern Technical College, received a grant from the Technical College System of Georgia in December 2010 in the amount of $3.16 million for the purpose of building a College and Career Academy in Gordon County.

· Gordon County College and Career Academy is an integral part of the Gordon County Schools’ charter system petition approved by the Georgia Department of Education in spring 2011. 

· The purpose of the Gordon County College and Career Academy is to train high school students for high skill, high wage, and high demand occupations in an effort to create a viable 21st century workforce for Gordon County and surrounding communities. 

· Gordon County College and Career Academy, Inc. formally established bylaws and its Board of Directors in July 2011.

· The 9-member Board of Directors consists of prominent members of business and industry, the Superintendent of Gordon County Schools and the President of Georgia Northwestern Technical College.

· As a result of a local and regional needs assessments conducted by Georgia Northwestern Technical College and Gordon County Schools, new programs will be put in place at GCCCA to fill needs of local business and industry, and curriculum within the Gordon County Schools’ CTAE department will be adapted to help address the changing needs. 

· Articulation agreements and dual enrollment course offerings provide students with the opportunity to gain high school and college credit for the same course.  The goal is to provide high school students with as many college credits as possible before they graduate high school, giving them a head start toward their chosen career.

Programs to be implemented at GCCCA:

  • Networking and Programming
  • Logistics
  • Engineering, Drawing, and Design
  • Graphic Arts/Design
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Environmental Systems/Alternative Energy Systems
  • Marketing

Dual enrollment opportunities through GNTC include, but not limited to:

  • Criminal Justice/Public Safety
  • CNA/Nursing
  • Academic Core

·  Modeled after the Georgia Northwestern Technical College grading scheme, work ethics are a part of the grading system within CTAE courses and will be considered an integral part of GCCCA courses as well.

· We value feedback and input from local business and industry.  We want to provide a viable workforce for business and industry so that our students can find gainful employment after high school and postsecondary training.